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Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers

What is a Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers?

Prenuptial Agreement is an agreement between couples aimed at resolving all potential conflicts regarding financial issues which may come up at the time of separation. 

The idea is that the financial-economic aspect of the separation process will be implemented in accordance with the prenuptial agreement signed when the relationships were on their best side before they turned sour. Thus avoiding unpleasant and costly disputes which are so common when people try to break up their relationships.

When is the right time to sign Prenuptial Agreement?

Professional Prenuptial Agreement lawyers can help you sign such an agreement before marriage or during marriage when a change in the financial situation requires an adjustment of the original prenuptial agreement. 

It is important to note here that this applies not only to married couples but to couples who live together without formal marriage.

What would Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers include?

There is no standard version of prenuptial agreements, each case is different and thus, requires an agreement that reflects the specific needs and circumstances surrounding each case. 

Each couple is unique, with their own needs and their own situation. This fact explains why there is a need for a lawyer (attorney) who specializes in family law with an emphasis on writing prenuptial agreements which provide the best protection against costly legal procedures and personal disputes resulting out of unresolved financial issues. 

The prenuptial agreement is often divided into 3 parents: Existing assets, future assets, and a detailed agreed-upon process on how the assets should be divided when and if the couple decides to end their relationships.

The existing assets will include such items as cash money in bank accounts and or Investments, firms, real estate, pension funds and other savings, social benefits, and vehicles.

Future assets include financial-economic activities generating profits from assets owned by each side prior to their status as married or couple in law, assets and or investments made jointly by the couple during their life together.

How can Prenuptial Agreement lawyers help you?

In addition to all of the above, Prenuptial Agreement lawyers will help you understand if and how to divide gifts received during life together, for example, there should be a distinction made between gifts given to them as a couple as opposed to gifts given specifically to the man or the woman, rather than a gift given to the couple as such.

In addition to all of that, an experienced Prenuptial  Agreement lawyer will include in the agreement a specific proposal as to how the value of the couple's assets will be conducted and who will do it.

It may be important to note here, that a prenuptial agreement, as good as it may be, does not substitute the need for a will. Under Israeli law, only a legal will can specify how the assets of a deceased individual should be distributed.

For the prenuptial agreement to be legally binding it must be approved by the family court, or by the rabbinical court in Israel. In this in case the parties were married if the Prenuptial Agreement is made prior to the marriage it is sufficient to confirm the agreement in front of a public notary or court registrar. 

A Prenuptial Agreement that is not approved as described above has no validity for a married couple. This does not apply to common-law couples, in their case it is sufficient to have the agreement signed by both parties.

To sum it up, the importance of signing a Prenuptial Agreement is clear cut; it prevents a common painful and costly process when the relationship between a couple comes to an end.

Obviously, an effective Prenuptial Agreement should only be made by qualified and experienced Prenuptial Agreement lawyers.

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